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Graphics and Printing

Package Design, Graphics, Digital Printing

RHA is not an agency nor do we aspire to be. But we do know what formats work well in the mail and have the experience to design new and responsive package shells.

Our Graphics division will scour your art files to make sure that they are ready to go to press. We double check all your print files for accuracy and printability. We can also save your designs in our digital library for future uses.

Our graphics designers continue to develop new winning formats for successful response mailings. From in-line engineering to conventional package designs, we help our customers with production design and cost efficiencies. Exceptional graphics don’t just improve the look of your campaign, they define and distinguish your organization.

Our DocuColor Digital Printing equipment is designed for your high quality or small volume print runs. With the ability to marry the printing process and variable engineering, our equipment may be the affordable solution to your marketing needs. At 2400DPI x 2400DPI image quality, your printed pieces will look better than if they were produced on the finest presses.

We will be glad to discuss your needs and help design the package that’s right for you or use one of our existing proven formats in your next direct campaign. Call your RHA sales or customer service representative today.